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WH Physician: Trump is Fit For Remainder Of This Term And Another If Elected

Democrats have another thing to worry about now, President Trump is not only fit to serve and finish out this term but another, if he is elected, says the WH Physician.

Well, his detractors are going to have to cross this one off their list! Next?

Following his first physical exam since taking office, the White House physician pronounced President Donald Trump to be in “excellent health.”

“He has incredible cardiac fitness at this point in his life and I think a large part of that is due to the fact he has had a life of abstinence from tobacco and alcohol,” Dr Jackson said.

Hillary Clinton needed help walking up and down small sets of stairs, froze from what looked like seizure-like episodes multiple times in front of varying crowds as well as reporters, and literally collapsed more than once in front of crowds of people, fand they’re worried about his health issues – seriously?

Now that President Trump was declared cognitively normal and medically fit for duty, shouldn’t all these old farts in the Senate undergo the same tests and have the results made public and their physicians cross-examined by the mouths in the media?

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The media seems so disappointed to hear the Trump is Superman. The first, lifelong non-smoker and tea totterer since Jimmy Carter. So many questions about his mental state. CRAP, says the media, HE’S SANE! Now time for all members of Congress to undergo the same medical testing and have the results made public.

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