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Trump — Illegal Immigrants Who Can No Longer Be Legally Held Will Be Given To Sanctuary Cities And States!

It looks like President Trump has made up his mind or has he?

The Commander-in-chief tweeted: “Those Illegal Immigrants who can no longer be legally held (Congress must fix the laws and loopholes) will be, subject to Homeland Security, given to Sanctuary Cities and States!”

That’s a huge shift from floating a proposal of this idea.

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Before this past weekend started, we learned that the Trump administration was thinking about releasing illegals in Sanctuary cities, mainly run by Democrat leaders, who already harbor illegal aliens and protect them from being sent back across the border.

Democrats came out against the proposal as if they could do the illegal act of saving these caravan members from being deported but not Trump. The President has called their bluff, and now they are running for cover.

The old saying, be careful what you wish for, comes to mind when I think about these sanctuary cities getting hammered with illegals. Liberals are continually shooting their mouths off about things they believe in, all the while hoping those things never come to be. Do rich liberals want the government to take 70% or so of what they make? Would leftist Hollywood elites be okay with their bodyguards being disarmed? Will all the climate change moaners be willing to give up comfort and convenience to save the planet? If the left were forced to live in what they perceive as a utopia, they would soon realize it is more like hell.

You know I have to give Trump a lot of credit, he has no qualms about saying what’s on his mind, which is really what’s on the mind of most reasonable people who live in the real world and not some utopian fantasy land. I look forward to voting for him in 2020.

Trump’s troll triggered another epidemic outbreak of TDS. I can’t believe how many lefties and the media are taking this seriously and foaming at the mouth. They are looking exactly like the gullible fools they are.

If the Dems didn’t have hypocrisy, they wouldn’t have anything at all.




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