Trump: “If You Start Pivoting, You’re Not Being Honest With People”

I’m voting Donald Trump. Might as well give him four years to see what he can do. I didn’t trust any of the other Republican nominees except for Governor’s Rick Perry and Scott Walker. I don’t trust Hillary Clinton or anyone on that side.

As far as Trump not pivoting, to me, he had no choice. Look at the alternative. If he pivoted isn’t it likely that would turn off some of his followers in that if he went that route he would be a bit of a sell out changing who he is just to get votes? I think he’d lose some of his bases if he did that, and I do not believe he would broaden it very much by picking up new followers b/c he pivoted. So really he had no choice. He was never going to pivot.

From Yahoo News:

Despite weeks of calls from Republican leaders for a pivot from his freewheeling primary campaign, Donald Trump says he doesn’t want to moderate his tone for the general election.

“Everyone talks about, ‘Oh, you’ve got to pivot,’” Trump said in an interview with WKBT-TV in La Crosse, Wis., on Tuesday. “I don’t want to pivot. I don’t want to change. You have to be you. If you start pivoting, you’re not being honest with people.”

Trump said a presidential pivot was possible, “but, you know, I am who I am.”

The Republican nominee also said his brash style is what led to his nomination.

“I’ve gotten here in a landslide,” Trump said of his primary wins. “Don’t forget, when I lost Wisconsin, it was ‘over for Trump.’ Except for one problem: I then went on a very good run.”

Trump’s comments came hours before the announcement of changes among senior campaign staff. Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of conservative website Breitbart News, was named chief executive of the Trump campaign, while pollster Kellyanne Conway was promoted to campaign manager.

Almost every voter in the country now knows Trump is going to do and say exactly as he wants to do and say, as he has done ever since his declaration of candidacy. In the primaries, he chose to be unscripted and nonteleprompted, which worked wonderfully for him. Once he got the nomination, he took the advice of some to try to be a bit more scripted and circumspect, but couldn’t resist undoing any good that might have done by diving down rabbit holes of easily debunked unscripted outbursts often based on invented conspiracy accusations and over the top declarations.

Now it looks like he has decided that what is holding him back is not being unscripted enough. It worked for him before; it should work for him again.

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