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Trump — I Won’t Read The Mueller Report Because I Won!

Speaking to reporters outside the White House Wednesday morning, U.S. President Donald Trump said he wouldn’t read the Mueller Report because “he won” and he’s back to fixing “the problems of the world.”

Trump also congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu on his win in Israel’s election even though it was “early” as Trump put it.

After wasting all of this money and all of this time with people who were haters. People that worked on the Hillary Clinton Foundation, people who were absolutely haters of Trump. They found no collusion.

What has been found during this period of time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started. And hopefully that’s where people are going now. And it’s very interesting. It was an illegal investigation. It was started illegally.

Everything about it was crooked. Every single thing about it. There were dirty cops. These were bad people. You look at McCabe and Comey and you look at Lisa and Peter Strzok. These were bad people. And this was an attempted coup. This was an attempted take down of a president. And we beat them. We beat them.

This is serious stuff; it’s never happened before in the USA. Trump should go on record as to what should happen if these traitors are found guilty. Otherwise, it’s all a charade, and Trump is just using it as a political issue and re-election.


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