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Trump — I Was Not Involved With Any Hiding Of USS John McCain; Meghan Bashes Anyway!

On Wednesday night, a report that the USS John McCain was tactically hid from view during President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Japan.

Trump is denying any involvement in the hiding of the naval ship.

“I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan,” Trump wrote.

The Wall Street Journal released a report that the ship was hidden on purpose because of the visit, which also drew condemnation from observers.

Hothead Meghan McCain responded without knowing any details:

Nothing, but personal bashes from lefties with nothing to substantiate their claims. It’s downright pathetic and so obvious that they loathe Trump.

At this point, I’m convinced Meghan only hangs around to continue attacking Trump because that’s what her father would’ve wanted her to do. So it’s her who won’t let him RIP. Projection. Her liberalism is evident before she opens her mouth. Liberal women usually look unkempt and out of control. She obviously has no control over the amount of food she inhales.

Meghan, you act as though you are the only person to have ever lost their father. I lost mine in 1997 and I miss him so but I don’t attack other people because of him. It makes my grief unbearable, really. You have been a vengeful and nasty person long before the issues between your father and the President occurred. You are as pathetic as your fellow co-hosts on that hate-filled show. Grow up and move on.


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