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[VIDEO] Pres. Trump Gives COVID-19 Task Force Update; Announces He’s Taken Test, Awaiting Results

What are the odds that we would have a germophobic president during the time of a major virus outbreak?

I don’t think we can say with 100% certainty that he won’t test positive, but if we consider all of his other qualities, it’s like Trump was designed to be our President in this age.

During Saturday’s press conference, in the video below, I was shaking my head when those questions started coming across after he explained several times that if you’re asymptomatic, you shouldn’t take a test because there’s a test shortage.

It was yet another demonstration of the massive issue with the MSM right now; truth and fairness be hanged; it’s all about a gotcha moment. He would have been called selfish had he said he was tested too.

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President Trump revealed Saturday he has taken the coronavirus test and is awaiting the results.

Before a briefing with the White House press corps he said he had his temperature taken, and was fine. Members of the press corps, members of the coronavirus task force and staff are also getting their temperature taken when close to the president, a new precaution.

“I also took the test,” Trump said in the White House briefing room. “I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday people were asking that I take the test.”

Trump has been in contact with individuals who have later tested positive with COVID-19, sparking questions on whether the president should be hand-shaking, quarantined and tested.

Plain and simple is that Trump is protecting Americans, and he has the right to do so without wasting any time in crises like this. The problem with Democrats is that if he acts fast, it is bad; if he does not act quickly, it is also bad. There is no logic in that, only make sense for far-left Democrats. There are times for consultation, but this is not one of them when the life of Americans is in danger.

Trump is a germaphobe and takes precautions each time he shakes anyone’s hand. The man strictly enforces the proper hygiene of those around him. He is called the Purell president for a reason.

Maybe others should do the same, and there will be a less likely chance of catching the Kung-Flu.

What’s amazing is that our resident Democrat trolls still haven’t figured out that Trump’s early China travel ban was a good idea that has kept tens of thousands more from being infected and has probably saved thousands of lives. Under Barack Obama, six months passed and 1,000 died before he did anything during the swine flu outbreak over which about 13,000 died.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Numbers of sick and dead will climb, but not nearly as much as they would have if Trump hadn’t taken early action to close borders, etc. People will complain regardless of what he does, but he has my vote in November.

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