Election 2020

Trump Goes After Biden’s Mental Capacity During Fox And Friends Segment

Pres. Trump joined the Fox & Friends crew on Friday morning and called out former VP and 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mental state. President Trump spoke on Biden’s “mental capacity” while claiming Biden “doesn’t have what it takes,” to win an election.

Trump referred back to Biden’s former attempts to run for the Oval Office when he didn’t do well nationally.

Trump: “Everybody knows that Joe Biden does not have what it takes. He never did have what it takes. He ran two or three times. I used to call him ‘1% Joe’ because he never got over 1%. Then Obama came along and, surprisingly, took him off of, I say, the trash heap.”

Trump: “I see that Pocahontas is doing better. I would love to run against her, frankly. I see that Bernie Sanders is not doing well at all … I think it’s probably those three. I don’t see the other ones. I really don’t see it.” [Washington Examiner]

If there is one thing I disagree with the president on, that would be that Biden will be the nominee for the Democrats. The more the former VP is attacked and made to look simple, the more his base will grow, out of sympathy, just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others.

Biden won’t win in 2020 but he will face Trump. Count it done.

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