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Trump: If Forced To Defend Ourselves, Allies; No Other Choice But To Destroy North Korea

President Trump used the word DESTROY during his speech at the United Nations, and he didn’t use it lightly.

I can’t remember the last time I heard a President speak with such courage and conviction. This should leave N. Korea with little doubt that he means what he says.

Kim Jong Un has demonstrated time and time again that he has no respect for our President and this country. President Trump has just returned that same “respect.” “Rocket Man” is nothing more than a misguided missile that needs to be shot out of the sky, the sooner, the better!

Let us not forget that Bill Clinton sold the technology for nuclear weapons to North Korea. And he sold guidance systems to China who sold the technology to North Korea. Now we are dealing with it. The entire thing is scary as hell. This nut in North Korea does not care about the people he reigns over, is a power-hungry Cretan and has nothing to lose.

Trump just laid the smack down and pretty much advocated for Iranians to rise against their evil government! Also wasn’t afraid to say he’d “destroy North Korea” Can’t get much better than that! He isn’t mincing words, and I think they know he means business!

North Korea is a threat to all of the world. I agree with the President. Kim doesn’t care about anyone, except himself. His people are starving, and he doesn’t care. I read where his army doesn’t even get enough food.

I’ve been waiting many years for a President that I can feel proud of. President Trump, by not skirting the important issues our country faces, and by not mincing words in typical career politician fashion, makes my chest swell up!

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