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BREAKING: President Trump Fires Neocon John Bolton

President Trump just announced via Twitter that has asked National Security Advisor John Bolton for his resignation.

Trump said that he disagrees with many of Bolton’s suggestions and therefore he informed Mr. Bolton last night that his services were no longer needed.

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Trump says he will name a new Security Advisor next week.

This story is breaking, and still developing.

Rumors about Bolton’s exit have been making their rounds around lately, as clashes between Trump and Bolton have arisen over leaving Afghanistan, and other world issues.

Though President Trump is the commander-in-chief most skeptical of America’s role abroad in at least a generation, the former Manhattan maven has always been equally concerned about not appearing “weak.” Trump’s public handwringing with an official his junior has always made for a circus show.

The two have never been close, according to my interviews with administration officials current and former, and those who have known both men for years. So why, exactly, does the former George W. Bush U.N. ambassador sit in the chair of Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft for this White House? And might his days in that role be numbered? [The American Conservative]

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