Fired VA Director Back to Work And You Won’t Believe Why!

Dwayne Hamlin, Puerto Rico Veterans Administration Director was fired by President Trump for corrupt behavior, but he’s back on the job!

Hamlin filed a civil service protections appeal which allowed him to return to work. Hamlin also tried to fire a whistleblower who told officials Hamlin was arrested for drunk driving where he was found in possession of unprescribed painkillers.

Congress has passed a bill making it easier to fire VA workers that aren’t doing their jobs.

Passing the bill to make it easier to fire corrupt VA workers is a good thing. The bill should also be applied to all corrupt government employees. As for this corrupt VA manager, he is very likely to get in trouble again, and it will be the end of his VA career. And the consequences for his future corruptness will be more severe in every way.

This goes back to the power of the unions. If this were in private sector, it would be done already because it’s wrong. Not in the union world where wrongdoing has different results…you keep your job. I worked with good unions and horrible union shops and saw each other works. When this happens, it shows what wrong with powerful unions. Restructure the VA without union workers, so all are held accountable for their actions.

Watch the report here:

The despicables have it nearly impossible to terminate government workers. And it is very difficult to prove because they put their lies together. ALL upper-level gov workers must work at the “pleasure of” status. We need to protect the American people from the political whims of the government workers. The system protects the political core that has evolved.

This is wrong he should be fired and stay fired should not be allowed back in he’s corrupt and how they can do this is an insult to all veterans.

Do you think Hamlin should return to his previous supervisory role? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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