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Trump Finally Meets San Juan Mayor Who Criticized He And Wife Melania

President Trump showed the media he could be cordial to those who have been super critical of him and his wife in the media including the San Juan Mayor.

CNN will surely interview San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz after she greeted President Trump. The buildup was based off of Cruz blasting Trump over not wanting to help or giving Puerto Rico the resources to fix things in the country while also taking a shot at First Lady Melania Trump late last week.

San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor Takes Swipe At Melania Trump

Many of the media websites will talk about Trump ignoring the Mayor but he didn’t. He greeted her and got down to business. They didn’t have anything in common and most of her complaints, she aired on CNN. How many opportunities did you get to view other elected officials? Probably not that much.

Source: The Hill

A jovial Trump, seated at a table between Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló (D) and first lady Melania Trump, repeatedly singled out elected officials and military leaders both for their efforts and for their praise of his administration.

In his remarks on Rosselló, Trump appeared to be taking a veiled shot at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, whom the president attacked over the weekend for her criticism of the federal response efforts.

“He’s not even from my party, but he started right from the beginning appreciating what we did,” Trump said of Rosselló in remarks at a National Guard base. “This governor did not play politics. He didn’t play it all. He was saying it like it was and he was giving us the highest grades.”

Cruz attended the briefing, but sat far away from the president. Trump did not mention her during his remarks, even as he cast praise widely on other federal and territory officials for their work.

The two leaders did shake hands upon Trump’s arrival in Puerto Rico.

At 1:12 in the video below, he shakes Mayor Cruz’s hand and then gets to business as a President should:

I wanted to allow you to see the full situation as many are trying to make something out of nothing. I am sure Cruz didn’t want to sit beside the two people she’s attacked over the past few days. She probably felt really small.

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