Trump Fights Back! “Substantial Evidence To Dispute These Lies And It Will Be Made Public”

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The mainstream media will do anything to get Hillary Clinton elected the same way they did Barack Obama. Stop the corrupt media from determining the winner of the election by voting for other than Clinton Nov 8th.

The media merely lurk in the shadows, waiting for one allegation or another to justify doing a story. People read the story and walk away as victims of the subtle manipulation techniques used in an article. An apology or a correction to the article when the fabrication is proven false is usually out of the question, and the damage is done.

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Here are a couple of takeaways from his speech today:

“These vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false.”

“substantial evidence to dispute these lies and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time.”

Pay no attention to the polls my friends. They’re meant to discourage you. If Hillary was as far ahead in the polls as reported, there would be no reason for the NYT from publishing that false story about Trump. The main stream media and the Democrats are scared Trump is going to win. That’s why they manufactured that trashy hit-piece.

The media is pathetic. Why don’t they report on real issues facing this country. US navy ships having missiles fired on them and Obama’s only response being that its irresponsible and against international law instead of calling it an act of war, what it really is.

Sanctions against Iran continue to be lifted, tensions between the US and Russia are at a tipping point and worse than when they were during the Cold War.Putin has told all diplomats and relatives come back to Russia. (Possibly Nuclear attack?) But no let’s report unsubstantiated allegations.

Before he ran for office, there were no accusations about sexual harassment , profiling, racism or bigotry. As soon as he got the nomination, the left-wing media, owned by the democrats, started all their attacks. This is all crap and hopefully it will energize more people to come out and vote from Trump. On the other hand, for years and years, everyone has known the corruption and lies from the Clintons but the left wing media loves them and will do everything to cover it up.

What is our Country coming too?

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