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Trump Ends Meeting With Dems And Holds Unscheduled Press Conference!

President Trump was not happy about Rep. Nancy Pelosi accusing him of engaging in a cover-up on Wednesday morning.

At the heart of the matter is how Democrats have been trying to skirt the law and overreach to force Trump’s hand to deliver documents without a legitimate reason. Trump spoke from the Rose Garden after walking out of a meeting with Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Trump boldly told the media and Democrats he would cease to work with Democrats if they continue with this investigations or in other words he used this week “do-over.”

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Did Pelosi think she could punk the president by spouting that hateful rhetoric and then walk into the Oval Office and demand a deal, not expecting the Commander-in-chief to respond?

Nancy showed immaturity and political stupidity for thinking she could get away with disparaging Trump and now she’s reaping the whirlwind. Trump also told the media how they should be “ashamed” how they are covering news stories.

This is what a President with a backbone looks like. In the Democrats’ defense, we should all remember that they lost their minds on November 8, 2016.

The only thing that “makes my jaw drop” is the insanity of the Dems. They prove time and time again that their only interest is in getting rid of Trump and getting back their power. The furthest thing from their minds is doing anything that will actually improve the lives of American citizens.

What is “best for America” is not even on the Democrats radar. They are worse than blind because they are simply programmed to sabotage America any way they can. That also makes them absolutely ignorant and masochistic.



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