Trump Endorses ‘Merit-Based’ Legal Immigration Bill For Better America!

President Trump joined Sen. Tom Cotton and Sen. David Perdue endorsing changes to the immigration system to include merit-based language.

Trump, speaking on the RAISE Act that will change our current broken immigration system, said it had three primary requirements: speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy.

This is a good thing. The United States of America needs to stop being a dumping ground for other country’s rejects, who come here with the goal of getting on the welfare gravy train. Other countries have similar requirements, why should we be any different? This does not reduce immigration because there is no shortage of more qualified people trying to get in. It just means those individuals get to the front of the line!

This appears to be one of the more logical decisions he’s made, however, my concern would be how will he bolster opportunities for those already here in order to keep the job market competitive.

Source: Washington Examiner

Trump’s endorsement marks the beginning of a push toward a radically different legal immigration policy in the United States compared to the one that’s been in place for the past several decades.

The current legal immigration system often benefits family members of current U.S. residents, but Perdue and Cotton are pushing for a change that would force the U.S. to weigh the skill sets of potential candidates and favor those with more skills. The new version outlines how the specific demands of the U.S. workforce would determine which immigrants are needed, and thus, granted visas.

The revised RAISE Act steals a page from Canada and Australia, whose immigration laws prioritize high-skilled workers for employment-based green cards. The number of skills-based visas would increase under the proposal though businesses could rely more on outsourcing jobs to cheaper employees in other countries.

Trump argued accepting job-qualified immigrants will increase wages for U.S. and immigrant workers, but the change could prove challenging for corporations who benefited from a steady flow of low-skilled workers.

The change is meant to make the application process fairer and allow applicants to know what their chances are of being approved before applying. People can go online, answer questions about their education and employment experience, and learn if their background would help fill a workplace shortage in the U.S. Applicants would also receive a score to give them a concrete idea of their chances of obtaining a visa.

This is excellent! I was disturbed by a report months ago of a company who brought in cheap labor to work in their factory! The people they displaced were forced to train them before leaving! The changes in our immigration system will prevent it from ever happening again!

Now it’s time to end the anchor baby clause in the 14th Amendment. One parent should be a US citizen before the baby can be a US citizen. This would stop women from sneaking across the border just to give birth. Illegal alien children should be treated like diplomats in the US children which or citizens of the country their parents are not US citizens.

Any American who disagrees with this must not really want a job they just want a welfare check. We deserve as a leader who will put American citizens first, not Islamic refugees who openly despise western culture. They have no business being here.

What do you think of the RAISE Act? Is this what America was looking for to help fix its immigration system? Share your comments below.

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