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Trump: Democrats Are So Obviously Rooting Against Us In Our Negotiations With North Korea

It’s the “Art of the deal”….love how this man handles business!

Democrat leaders are so disgusting how much they root against Pres. Trump and the agenda to Make America Great Again. They don’t care about our country, nation or people; it’s about power for them. They want to control and use to their advantage.

They seemed as if they were happy Pres. Trump pulled out of the North Korea negotiations, almost to the point of giddy but they didn’t read the fine print. North Korean leaders still want the meeting.

This is what we see when a strong person is in the White House instead of a limp-wristed appeaser. If this summit happens, Trump will be the first sitting President to meet a North Korean leader. And don’t tell me about Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both went there, but neither was our President they had been out office for years.

Source: Fox News

A top North Korean official had issued a statement Thursday evening expressing the regime’s “willingness” to sit down for a summit with the U.S.

“We express our willingness to sit down face-to-face with the U.S. and resolve issues anytime and in any format,” North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan said, according to Yonhap News outlet, which cited the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA.)

The official also said that Trump’s move to call off the summit highlighted the tensions between the two countries, further emphasizing the need for a meeting. The official added that Kim had been preparing for the summit.

“Despite all of this, the U.S.’ unilateral decision to scrap the talks causes us to reconsider whether all of the efforts and the path we have taken is really the right one or not,” the official said according to Yonhap. “Our commitment to doing our best for the sake of peace and stability for the world and the Korean Peninsula remains unchanged, and we are open-minded in giving time and opportunity to the U.S.”

But on Friday, with the door left open for potential U.S.-North Korea talks, Trump suggested it was the Democrats who were against “negotiations” with the rogue regime.

North Korean’s leaders lost face, and now they want to crawl back into your graces. Stand firm, Mr. President. In the past, they knew how to cheat the West and got rewarded. Hopefully, you will look right through their games!

As for the Democrats, Pres. Trump addressed them in an early Friday morning tweet:

It seems that Democrats support whatever idiot cause the lame stream media puts out there. They are so blind to any facts that don’t support their basic premise, “Republicans evil, Democrats good.” Truth and facts about real-world issues do not have any place in their programmed worldview.

Democrats hit the trifecta this week, supporting Hamas, MS-13, and North Korea. What surprise do they have for Memorial Day?

Pres. Trump is a freaking genius. He has singlehandedly showed the country how the Democrats publicly back Hamas, MS-13, and Lil Kim leading into the midterm elections. You can’t buy this kind of political gold. No wonder the wide Dem margin on the generic ballot has disappeared.

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