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[VIDEO] Trump’s Crowd Size Outside His Vegas Rally is One for the Record Books

If there’s one thing Donald Trump can do better than many of the Democrats 2020 hopefuls, it would be drawing a jaw-droppingly massive crowd.

He’s like the rockstar of politics right now.

And his crowd outside of his Las Vegas rally was no exception to the rest.

Watch the video:

Now, this is in comparison to Joe Biden, who crowds could easily be rivaled the attendance at a Curves fitness center.

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Of course, many liberals left comments on the video claiming that Trump is paying these people to be there.

“Bused in for $15.00 an hour. when you don’t work and live off the government, that is good money”

“Are you guys handing out Rubles?”

Good grief, do these people not see the impending doom approaching the Democrats in 2020?

Maybe they should be more focused on that instead of spouting the same disproven lies about Trump again and again.

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