Trump Not Calling China A Currency Manipulator Anymore; Schumer Whines!

During the GOP primary and general elections, President Trump frequently called out China as currency manipulators. On Sunday, he changed that tune.

China has decided to work with the United States over the North Korea situation and has stayed true to their word by publicly admonishing Kim Jong-un on a couple of occasions late last week.

“When the President fails to label them a currency manipulator, he gives them a green light to steal our jobs and wealth time and time again,” Senator Chuck Schumer

Schumer has been a United States Senator for 19yrs. Why didn’t he do something about this year’s ago? If he can’t properly do his job then there should be term limits and he should retire!

Schumer never heard the term “currency manipulator” until Trump used it in a campaign speech. And, remind me….was Barack Obama “real tough” on China?

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Many Trump supporters might not understand or like the fact that Trump is taking this direction but then again it looks like many supporters don’t understand where Trump is coming from.

Trump is always two steps ahead of his competition. In days, weeks or months others will figure out what he is doing. Some call it the long game. It is the “Art of the Deal” on display for all to see. Schumer is clueless.

The more I watch him work, the more I develop a deep understanding of how he does business. You can’t make an enemy out of everyone and get things done but you can wake up the enemy to let them know they are on notice and they will be held accountable if the American people suffer.

One more thing. We just made a trade agreement with China and starting with them buying all of their coal from us instead of North Korea. Trump is doing what he promised and putting the miners back to work! Let Trump be Trump.

What do you think of Schumer’s whining? Share your comments below.

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Wayne Dupree

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