Trump Cancels Obama Completely One-Sided Cuba Deal!

President Trump deals with the Cuban communists and now would you please crush the communists in our country?

Eight years of a president whose “legacy” was nothing but imperial fiat, a criminal who had the arrogance to refuse to work with the Republican party or to bow to the will of the voters after they destroyed his party’s power? Guess what? Now we undo everything he did, and he will have no legacy at all. You will have nothing, libtard morons, and your place in history will be extinguished along with your bankrupt ideas.

Hey Barry, know that your place in history is the dumpster and 20 years from now, kids will be asking who Obama was, and nobody will know or care.

If the Cuban government wants to normalize our relationship, they need to get their boot off the throat of freedom and liberty first.

Source: Free Beacon

President Donald Trump issued a harsh rebuke of the Obama administration’s dealings with the communist regime in Cuba, pledging to put the interests of the Cuban people first and work to end repression on the island as he recasts America’s relationship with its government.

Effective immediately, I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba,” he said Friday in a speech in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood surrounded by Cuban-American supporters and prominent Cuban dissidents.

Trump also launched a broadside against the Castro regime, challenging it to stop beating and incarcerating political opponents and harboring U.S. fugitives. Instead the Cuban government needs to start opening itself to “political and economic freedoms,” a free press, and free and open elections, he said.

Whatever the actual policy results end up being, slashing and burning Obama’s “legacy” sends the leftists running around the room in spit-slinging spastic fits. I look forward to another weekend of embarrassing drunken tweets and ruined careers. That’s a fine reward in itself.

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