Trump calls out ABC’s Karl ‘stupid question’; Watch French President hold back laughter

I enjoy how the president makes the rules, and there isn’t a damn thing the left can do about it.

Pres. Trump gave the appropriate response to yet another idiotic question based on a false premise by a member of the legacy media. They continue to hurt their cause by trying to take down Pres. Trump and anyone close to him.

Voters on the left are angry because in a year and a half time they have gotten nowhere in stopping President Trump’s make America great again agenda. If you listen to the press corps on a regular basis, they have same questions all the time every day, and it gets tiresome.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl was listening to Pres. Trump speak about Iran and the $150 billion that Barack Obama gave them getting nothing in return and his question was about Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. How stupid and idiotic was that.

The way that he answered it was even more genius. Trump waited for all the noise to simmer down in the room before he answered so that everybody could hear it. Karl had to have felt embarrassed.

Source: Mediaite

During a brief pool spray, Trump touted his relationship with the French leader while talking about the international topics the two are likely to discuss in detail over the course of the day. At one point, Karl tried to ask Trump if he was considering a pardon for Michael Cohen, who has been under enormous legal pressure ever since the FBI raided his office to investigate him for various potential legal infractions.

Trump clearly didn’t like that, because he glared at Karl, pointed in his direction and snarled that it was a “stupid question.”

BTW, It was a stupid question. Cohen hasn’t been convicted or even charged with anything.

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