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Trump — Cages Shown By Media Were Built By Obama Admin, Not By Me

President Trump is right that the synoptic media will never report this inconvenient truth. It’s been known ever since the cages first turned up in the news that they were created under the Obama administration, and yet they continue to parrot the leftist smear.

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On Tuesday, Trump blasted the media as he told them he was “not looking” to restart the separating illegal immigrant families at the border process, but he also reminded them he was following the same policy enacted by Barack Obama.

“Those cages that were shown, I think they were very inappropriate. They were built by President Obama’s administration. Not by Trump.”

All of this is happening after Kirstjen Nielsen resigned as Department of Homeland Security Secretary.

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Do you realize that the law required the families to be separated for the children’s protection? So, Trump (who initially issued an EO keeping the families together, but was blocked by a liberal federal judge) following the law that Congress passed is a “sinner?”

Maybe that’s why he has been calling for Congress to fix our broken illegal alien invasion system (I refuse to call it an “immigration” issue as legal immigration is not the problem, illegals crossing the border, for whatever reason, is the problem).

The President is correct. The policy of detaining children away from their parents is inappropriate, but so too is the policy that encourages adults to use children as passports to enter the country illegally.




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