Trump Gives Coast Guard Advice Based On Constant Media Attacks [VIDEO]

President Trump is not down and out because of the media attacks, he continues to be resilient and motivated against unfounded allegations and accusations.

Whatever keeps Trump moving, he shared it with the Coast Guard today during their graduation ceremony and it was awesome! Many Trump supporters might be down and out over some media attacks, but that’s no reason to walk away into depression. Trump’s words were enlightening and I promise after you hear them, it should spark your spirit once again!

Source: Daily Mail

President Donald Trump turned a Coast Guard commencement into a media bashing exercise on Wednesday as he returned fire on news outlets that accused him of sharing classified information and interfering in an FBI investigation.

‘No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly,’ Trump protested. ‘You can’t them get you down. You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams,’ the president said.

He then boasted about his border wall, the ‘great healthcare’ bill his party is working on and the large tax cuts he’s been promising, having earlier bragged that aircraft carriers would be build ‘under budget and ahead of schedule’ in his administration

Trump was delivering this year’s Coast Guard commencement address in New London.

‘I want to take this opportunity to give you some advice. Over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted,’ he said.

‘But you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight! Never, ever, ever give up. Things will work out just fine. Look at the way I’ve been treated lately, especially by the media,’ he stated

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