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Trump: $15 Proposed Minimum Wage Is Very Low Number; I’d Like To Get People Higher Than That”

Pres. Donald Trump was interviewed on Telemundo, and if you watch the entire video below, you will find it very tense or at least the interviewer was trying to make it so.

Pres. Trump was trying to answer the interviewer’s questions even though it seemed that the host disagree on many things that the commander-in-chief wanted to relay to the audience

The subject of the $15 minimum wage came up during the back-and-forth session and Pres. Trump said, “That’s a very low number, the $15,” Trump said. “And I am looking at that…I am looking at that.”

The subject of raising the minimum wage to $15 nationally has been a lightning ride for the Democratic Party, and many Republicans/conservatives have scoffed at the idea along with many business owners who have outright complained that it would put them out of business.  The Democratic presidential candidates have been using this as a talking point, so when Trump mentioned it during this interview, it will surely raise eyebrows when it hits the mainstream.

What will business owners that are against the $15 minimum wage increase say if Pres. Trump proposes to increase that number?

Trump: “That’s just an artificial number. I’d like to get people higher than that.”

Watch the video below, via Telemundo. (The relevant portion begins at the 14:30 mark.)

It sounds like Pres. Trump is trying to take this subject away from the Democrats but how will small business owners support this when they complained when Dems brought it up?

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