Truck Drags Car On Highway; When Stopped, Driver’s Response Will Piss You Off!

I am pissed while writing about this incident that saw a truck dragging a vehicle on the highway. Results could have been fatal!

This video of a truck pulling a car on the highway was originally uploaded by Viral Hog. Can you imagine you’re driving on the highway and you witness a car being dragged by a tractor-trailer? With the driver still in it?


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When the holder of the camera pulled in front of the truck, he got out and asked the driver why was he dragging the car down the road and his response was so bad, it’s enough to piss you off.

How in the hell didn’t you know you were pulling this car? I am sure your truck wasn’t going as fast as it usually does. Watch this video below.

What would you do if you caught this driver doing the same thing? Share your comments below.

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