TROOPATHON – Support Our Troops with Care Packages from Home

Patriots, it’s time to reach out and join together in one of the largest efforts to support our troops. This effort is named Troopathon.

You have heard about troop morale within our military ranks due to the many scandals and unnecessary changes we think our government is placing on our sons and daughters, husbands and wives while they serve. I served for eight years, and never did I think or want our current service members to go through times like this.

This TROOPATHON care package program is a way to raise their spirits, letting them know we still care and we are with them no matter what.

Our Armed Forces are all over the world protecting us from foreign enemies. They have volunteered their lives to protect yours. Sending them a care package is the least we can so. That’s why Move America Forward has responded and compiled care packages that contain these goods as a way of saying “thank you” for their sacrifices and courage. 

Most importantly, each care package will include a personal message written by you where you can express your gratitude to our military.

Click on this banner to support our troops with a care package

Click here to support our troops with a care package. They have already shown they care about us by protecting our lives, let’s show them we care through these packages today.


Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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