Treyvon Martin was shot the media interviewed parents non-stop, Media Virtually Quiet on Brian Terry

FOXNews is just about the only station to interview Brian Terry's Parents...other stations have been quiet
All News Stations had Martin's parents on when alleged White Man Killed Black Man

Many Americans are just waking up to the facts of Fast and Furious, the ATF’s gun walking operation that has become more than a nagging embarrassment for the Obama Administration.

Which begs that we ask one very important question: Why are the American people only now becoming aware of something that has been going on for almost two years. Why has it taken two years for the main stream media to really question, to drill for the answers to an event that took the lives of hundreds of Mexican nationals and American border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Fast and Furious is an issue “to big to ignore” however the “party line” that begins on Pennsylvania Avenue has obfuscated the release of information as there is also “only so much information the American people can absorb at one time.”

Unfortunately, the Party line does not ring true in when comparing the murder and subsequent coverage involving the Treyvon Martin shooting.

Patrol Agent Brian Terry

Brian Terry, an ex-Marine serving his country as a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot in the back on December 14, 2010.   CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson was the lone journalist to run with the story, even as she a story coverd in the Communities by writer Peter Bella (Read: Fast and Furious: CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson fights coverup that killed Brian Terry

However, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have committed what Catholics would call the sin of omission- they failed in their coverage of this intense drama.

How many Americans could say they were only now learning of what happened when Treyvon Martin was shot. That death quickly became a national and international headline.

The disparity of coverage of these two deaths is quite glaring.

One can ask the media why one murder held weight over another. For example, when Treyvon Martin was shot the media jumped all over the incident. Americans were given no rest over the various news outlets covering the issue, covering Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson on scene, how it was racially motivated, how Obama weighed in on it and on into a frenzy of media coverage over the boy’s death.

But when it came to Brian Terry the coverage seems scarce. A Google News search for Brian Terry results in 39,700 news articles.  Trayvon Martin? More than twice that many with 107,000 response.

So who was Brian Terry? He was a man who cared enough about his country to put on a uniform. He was a man who was simply doing his job in an effort to protect everyday, ordinary Americans. He was a man who was buried after dying in the line of duty. He was a man whose story should have been told by the major news networks at the time it happened.

He was an American killed on U.S. soil by foreign nationals who were patrolling the American side of the border. It doesn’t take too much intelligence to recognize the outrageous disparity in coverage.

Story courtesy of Washington Times

Wayne Dupree

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