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Fox News Contributor Gowdy — Adam Schiff Wants To Undo 2016 Election Results

Trey Gowdy is back and this time as a Fox News contributor.

Former Congressman Gowdy joined Fox News’ Martha MacCallum to weigh in on Rep. Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, expanding the scope of Russia probe.

“I just wish Adam would be intimidated by the facts”

“The two years that I worked with him on the Russia probe, Adam was wrong about collusion. Remember, he said he had evidence that was more than circumstantial but not quite direct that the president colluded with Russia.”

“He was wrong about Donald Trump Jr. and who he called before and after the meeting at Trump Tower. Adam has also leaked incorrect information to media outlets,”

“I wish Adam were serious about oversight, there’s a lot that needs to be done in the intelligence community about leaks, about FISA, he is not interested in that. He is interested in undoing the 2016 election results. And he needs facts for that and so far his intimidation has only been by that.”

I wanted to like Gowdy when he was on the inside. I along with many others thought he would have helped clean up the mess in Washington. He made some impressive speeches, but never really accomplished anything that I can point to. Meanwhile, Democrats are sending Trump’s supporters to jail for parking violations.

The logical response to Schiff is for Sen. Lindsey Graham to announce that the Senate Intelligence Committee is going to open investigations into the possibility of foreign influence on Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senators Chuck Schumer, and Dianne Feinstein along with Schiff himself.

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