Trevor Noah SLANDERS President Trump; Calls Him A Molester

I don’t know who watches Trevor Noah’s television show, but I do know slander when I hear it, and he just did it.

Comedians hide behind that title so escape bad reaction from their audience and the American people when they hit the wrong note. Noah, originally from South Africa, broadcasts his show hitting Republicans and President Trump on a regular basis.

His liberal audience is comprised of millennials which is why he channels his filter against the White House. He gives liberals a pass as if it were Friday night at the club and all the women get in free.

Yesterday, I posted a screenshot transcript of what Trump said during his hot mic that was released last year before the election. (Related: Megyn Kelly Is Back At It! Will Interview Trump Accusers On NBC Show)

Not one time did Trump admit to touching anyone on that audio tape but that didn’t stop Noah from using that audio to claim Trump molested women.

“Yeah, yeah, but what Trump didn’t say is that guy screaming is a high school hall monitor, that is what he is. He’s like Roy Moore is our most wanted, get him! Now of course there are still people asking, how could President Trump support the man credibly accused of sexual misconduct by so many women. Well, it’s simple, people. Birds of a feather molest together.”

Anything for a laugh right? Hopefully, Noah gets a letter from the White House with a court date.

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