Transgender Student Says She was Suspended for Using Girls Bathroom; School cites Safety

A transgender student at CPCC says she was discriminated against and wants an apology from the school. Twenty-two-year-old Andraya Williams was on her way to her sociology class at CPCC in uptown Charlotte when she says a security guard stopped her.

“It was very embarrassing and humiliating because I didn’t feel like it was any of her business.”

The transgender student had just come out of the women’s bathroom when the guard asked to see her school ID.

“She outright asked me was I male or female and I told her that I was female. I showed her my ID and she called for backup.

A spokesman for the school says the guard was looking out for the safety of other students when she thought she saw a man dressed as a woman going into the bathroom. But Williams says the guard mocked her.

She was kind of chuckling. I felt like she was picking on me. Andraya says she was escorted off campus, told she was suspended and only allowed back if she used the gender neutral bathroom.

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I say they did the right thing. How are they to know the difference between her and a man dressed up as a woman to carry out malicious activities in the girls bathroom? It is their job to ensure safety and that’s probably what they had in mind. You people really think that they sit around and plan to hate and destroy people they don’t know? I guarentee you they don’t have time for that.

I would like to ask anyone to propose a solution that allows them to ensure men aren’t entering the womens restroom WITHOUT being “discriminate” or offending someone who is transgender. It’s not possible. So do we toss out security and safety?

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