Tragedy In Jerusalem! Palestinian Runs Over Israeli Soldiers, Then Hits Reverse!

What was Secretary of State John Kerry saying again in that speech he gave last week?

On Sunday morning, a truck driver rammed a crowd of Israeli soldiers and then did the unthinkable, hit reverse and run over them again. The driver was Palestinian. These are the problems faced by Israelis, and we as Americans must stand by them because they would do the same for us if needed.

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From Fox News:

A Palestinian rammed his speeding truck into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem Sunday, killing four people and wounding 15 others before being shot dead in one of the deadliest attacks in a year-long campaign of violence, Israeli police said.

The fatalities included three women and a man in their 20s, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The truck’s windshield was riddled with bullets, as police and first-responders responded to the scene, the paper reported.

Several victims had to be extricated from underneath the truck, according to the paper.

Video captured the truck backing up quickly, apparently trying to crush more people, before the driver was shot dead, the Associated Press reported.

“There was no sense in that reverse,” Leah Schreiber, a witness, told reporters. “He drove backward to crush more people. That was really clear.”

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