Top Liberal Says Democrats Making Huge Mistake Focused On Russia!

When a member of the ultra lib socialist movement starts backpedaling on the Rooskies Ruse, you know the gig is up.

The next thing you know, Katrina Vanden Heuvel will tell us she is tired of Hillary Clinton’s dog and pony show.

Vanden Heuvel is the editor, publisher, and part-owner of the liberal / progressive magazine The Nation. She has been the magazine’s editor since 1995. She’s always on a liberal panel or Sunday morning talk show poking fun at Republicans or tearing them down. That changed a little this past Sunday morning.

There was always the danger (or the hope) that the left’s “resistance” campaign would paralyze the government with false accusations and multiple investigations. The whole resistance business seems to have paralyzed the left-aligned media instead.

“And we have a special counsel now, which is there. And any president can’t be happy to have a special counsel four months into his presidency. But I think Democrats are making a mistake going ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ all the time. For two reasons. One, you’re distracting from Donald Trump and the Republicans’ mean-spirited, predatory agenda—tax cuts for the richest, hurting the working class, building a military defense budget, squandering diplomacy, and deregulating the economy for the sake of the richest.”

“I think Democrats have to have a bold, inclusive, populist agenda. Get it out into the country, fight on health care, fight on jobs, fight on a different engagement with the world. And make sure that the climate issue is understood to be about economics but shafting working people.”

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Wayne Dupree

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