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Top Dem Strategist Comes Clean! Nobody In Charge Of Our Party Right Now

Carville said nobody was in charge of the Democratic Party and probably wouldn’t be until 2020 when the next presidential campaign rolls around.

We know who’s in charge of the party, don’t we?

George Soros has been in charge of the Democrat Party since he created his Open Society Foundation. The problem is that he has no answer for President Trump, so he has resorted to conspiracy theories, red invasions, impeachment delusion, violence, and blocking freedom of speech and assembly. I just don’t think that strategy is going to work for Democrats come election time because we have the Teflon Don on our side which is a proven leader who believes in freedom, liberty, and prosperity for every America, even Democrats.

The problem with Democrat voters is that they have joined forces with those who wish to control and oppress them, and have become their stooges.


When asked if anyone is in charge of the party Carville said, “No, but if a party is out of power and we don’t have a presidential candidate there is no one going to be in charge until sometime in 2020 when we choose a presidential candidate. I think right now most Democrats are trying to focus on the 2018 elections and trying to recruit people and keep incumbents, and, you know, I would say we have a pretty good chance of taking the House back. The Senate is very, very difficult.”

You know how I said Soros was in charge of the Democratic Party. I’ve had time to rethink it. It is obvious “who” is in “charge ” of the Democrats. All opposing forces get blamed and accused.

There is no credible Democrat commitment to anything except deception and violence. Democrats violently oppose any political dissent while either embracing terror or wrapping it so deep in ambiguity that it looks “academic.” Democrats violently oppose any Biblical moral standard and fear those that openly pray to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

There is no doubt who is in charge of the Democrats and hell’s awaiting.

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