CNN’s Toobin Labels Ivanka’s Email Situation— Arrogant And Stupid

This rant by CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin is nothing more than false equivalency mush from the opposition.

Toobin went hard after Ivanka Trump after learning from a bombshell report from the Washington Post that the first daughter sent hundreds of emails dealing with government business from her personal email account.

He called her actions arrogant and stupid but didn’t think she was in legal trouble. At least Ivanka really was setting up get-togethers and parties. Hillary Clinton’s wedding and yoga plans, all turned out to be Top Secret Intel and Clinton Foundation “Pay to shakedown” down emails.

Where I believe Toobin has messed up with his anger is that Ivanka has no official position in the government. She was the daughter of a recently elected president temporarily using the only communication she had to coordinate with her children and husband as they set up schooling and housing. That requires no government clearance at all.

Once she’d been issued an official government phone and email setup, then she used that. Not the same as a Best Buy private server set up in your bathroom by non-techies for the Secretary of State.

“The arrogance, the incredible arrogance — with a little measure of stupidity — thinking that, after watching this campaign, which she had a pretty good seat for, and then not being scrupulous about her e-mail practices is remarkable.”

“Most people realize that government officials do use their private e-mail occasionally. Hillary Clinton did it, too. It is not fundamentally a big deal. The news media made it a big deal. Donald Trump made it a big deal…It’s technically not within the rules, but everybody in government does it. This is the problem. This is why Hillary Clinton got a very raw deal.”

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