Tommy Robinson Visits Troll Who Tweeted He Should Be Murdered [This Was Awesome]

British Tommy Robinson is bad ass! A Twitter troll tweeted how Tommy should be killed for speaking out against Islam and what happened next, he never saw coming.

Tommy has been fighting the spread of radical Islam for a while now. He is legendary in Great Britain and has millions of fans in the United States. Tommy found the location of one of his attackers and decided to talk to him to find out why this Twitter user wanted to kill him for utilizing free speech.

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The kid was stunned. Not only did he take down the tweet, but he was also shocked to see the camera for the interview which made him clam up to a point.


This kid who looks to have grown up on the better side of town had not been exposed to radical Islam and seemed as if he was jealous of Robinson, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins because they speak out and get TV coverage.

“I just don’t agree with what you do,” responds the man. “I disagree with stirring up hate against minorities, against Muslims. With the Westminster attack, I don’t think you should’ve been on TV after that.”

Watch the confrontation here:

Source: YouTube/Rebel Media

What do you think of Tommy Robinson and the role has in informing the people of the UK about radical Islam? Should this young guy be arrested for making a death threat or was this sufficient?

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