Tlaib Says ‘We Need a Political Revolution’ to ‘Completely Transform’ America

You are going to get one lady, but this time we will not let the Democratic Party survive the outcome.

On Saturday, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted: “We have to make the tough, courageous changes that completely transform a political and economic system that is now built for corporations (and profits), not people. Choosing the status quo means doing nothing and giving up. We need a political revolution.”

There’s no doubt that she’s reached a point of frustration that the Social Justice agenda hasn’t fully taken over the Democratic Party just yet so this could be seen as talking out loud. I really don’t think she meant a political revolution in this county, do you think? She doesn’t have the pulse of the people when it comes to her radical, and more radical ideas.

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Let’s look at the tape. Democrats have no plan for prosperity for all. They confuse equal opportunity with equal outcomes, and only want to pick the pocket of the taxpayer instead.

Ms. Tlaib, can you name another country (or a recent time point within the US) with a better economy? Certainly not during the Barack Obama years when GDP stalled at 1-2%, and so many people were on food stamps.

Leftists like Tlaib prefer a political revolution resulting in a fundamental societal change (see Obama campaign) – which is why they prefer an uneducated citizenry that can easily be manipulated into believing their lies. This current group of Leftists doesn’t really what a simple coup d’etat where they take power for power’s sake.

For a complete Socialist/Leftist/Communist change they need the current dumbed-down and self-focused youth and young adults to back them in a complete revolution. Lead by the enemy of our souls who has been using them for years to create the Godless society we are now confronted with, who do not know the Truth; I believe the current Leftists in control are making “progress.”

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Go ahead, start a revolution, and then find out who’s on your side. Usually, revolutions begin by knowing who is on your hand first, but idiotic radical leftist lawmakers don’t know anything about war or peace, so they keep running their mouths.

We, who know the truth in Jesus and know the truth of history, need to pray and educate these younger, more ignorant Americans and not give up hope.


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