Tlaib Claims Trump Is Cheating For 2020 Election With Census Citizenship Question

Rep. Rashida Tlaib accused the Trump’s administration of cheating by refusing to release background information on reasons for changes in the citizenship question, saying Trump was cheating ahead of the 2020 election.

I think it is a very valid question. There is no such thing as a good or bad question; it is just what you do with the answers. The census question won’t have any effect on anything or anyone – it was on the census decades ago with no ill or unfortunate outcome.

 Tlaib: “This is about not counting everyone that is in our country. This is a political motive. I have to say to this fact, this is cheating in many ways, an election. This is cheating by saying we don’t want to count everybody. We want to count as less people as possible, and that impacts directly communities of color.”

“Is it really about citizenship? No. It is about reducing the number of people of color in this country being counted in the census. That’s exactly what it is about. Because you want to cheat. He wants to cheat, Mr. Chairman. He wants to cheat this process.”

Critics of the proposed citizenship question say Republicans are targeting Democratic-leaning areas where many immigrants live to gain seats in the House, by engineering a deliberate population undercount.

If illegal aliens can live here illegally, and take advantage of every possible government program available, including education, healthcare, housing, food, etc., how is this little question going to frighten them? How many times do they tell people they are here illegally to take advantage of these programs? Give me a break.


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