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Tijuana Mayor Wants Organizers Of Caravan Arrested!

The Tijuana Mayor has finally identified the source of the problem. Now the goal will be to stay alive as the cartels come after him for speaking the truth.

This Mayor is reminding the world that open borders/illegal immigration hurts Mexico too. If those advocating open borders cared at all about Mexico or migrants, they’d stop pushing policies that promote human trafficking and cartel drug trafficking.

Isn’t it fascinating when politicians can do if their backs are up against the wall? Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum sees his city being overwhelmed and destroyed by these “migrants” (and I use that term loosely). In my opinion, President Trump is a genius for clamping the border shut and forcing the issue on Mexico.

Nearly all the migrants have been hunkering down at an outdoor sports complex within sight of the U.S. border — a place that is becoming more overcrowded each day.

A delegate in the Tijuana area and an official overseeing that shelter told Fox News on Wednesday there are currently around 6,000 migrants there, 4,000 of which are men. The rest are about split evenly between women and children.

Gastelum told Jenkins that the organizers and leaders of the caravan — such as immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras — are to blame for the humanitarian crisis.

Source: Fox News Insider

The mayor didn’t seem concerned when the “migrants” were pouring across the bridge on Mexico’s southern border and were thought to be headed for Texas. Now that they’ve shown up on his doorstep, it’s a problem.

The mayor noted the caravaners are a violent, disrespectful and not good law abiding citizens. But Geraldo Rivera says they are all just people looking to improve their lives.

Stand FIRMLY, Mayor. You are in troubled waters with the liberal powers that be, so you better watch out with your words that might portray these foreign invaders in any way less than “special, exceptional, wonderful.” Being honest won’t get you brownie points with the left wing pagans and their funders.

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