Tibbetts’ Murderer Pleads Not Guilty — Claims He Blacked Out At One Point

Cristhian Rivera, an illegal immigrant, killed Molly Tibbets and now he’s claiming he’s not guilty.

Reading some of the backgrounds of his defense, it seems as if he blacked out and then woke up when he was pulling Mollie’s body from the trunk of his car.

Now, I’ve heard some good ones, but this doesn’t past the smell test. Rivera is trying to use an insanity defense, but we know that’s not going to work.

I also understand Rivera’s lawyer has to provide a strong defense for his client but come on! He confessed to killing her when he was arrested, yet now he pleads not guilty. This decision means that the US taxpayers will be paying for his expenses for years and years to come.

Source: Fox News

Rivera, 24, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Aug. 21 after police searching a cornfield about 12 miles southeast of Brooklyn discovered the body of Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student.

Prosecutors allege Rivera abducted Tibbetts while she was out for an evening run, killed her and disposed of her body in the secluded location.

Authorities announced last month preliminary autopsy results from the state medical examiner’s office showed Tibbetts was the victim of a homicide and died from “multiple sharp force injuries.”

A criminal complaint alleges Rivera confessed to authorities during a lengthy interrogation, saying he drove his car to follow Tibbetts’ jog, eventually got out on foot to talk to her and then chased after her. Rivera told investigators he panicked after Tibbetts threatened to use her cellphone to call police. He claims he blacked out at that point and later came to as he was unloading Tibbetts’ bloody body from the trunk of a car, according to the complaint.

We have a messed up judicial system. He confessed, led them to the body and now he pleads not guilty. This should not be allowed. When there is no doubt about his guilt, he should automatically receive sentencing. The laws need to change so that justice can prevail. He’s going to use the system and probably say he was temporarily insane.

Rivera’s trial will be scheduled for April 2019, so he’s not going away anytime soon.

Liberals will do their best to get him off, and they might be successful. I mean seriously, he IS an oppressed minority, and all he did was kill a white girl, who deserved what she got just for being white. I think we can agree, the government has completely let this country down on immigration, and it needs to stop.

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