Three Women Accusing Dustin Hoffman Of Sexual Assault Speak Out!

It seems that NBC is going after legendary actor Dustin Hoffman by interviewing these three women who have come out publicly with sexual assault charges.

Hoffman has denied these accusations, but these women don’t have anything to lose. Hoffman is not running for public office nor is he up for some major part that could win him an Oscar. They are not Hollywood actresses who had a career to protect

Cori Thomas – I just froze. I’d never seen a man naked in my life at this point,” said Thomas. “I was 16 so I did [rub his feet] and he was being suggestive saying, ‘You know I’m naked.

Anna Graham Hunter – I felt his hand go up my thigh. One day he actually tried to penetrate me with his fingers…I was told to suck it up. He was the most famous actor in the world. He was at the top of his career. I was a nobody. Nobody was going to believe me.

Cynthia McFadden – I don’t think we should feel sorry for him, he’s fine…He brings so much humanity to his work but doesn’t quite [bring it] to his life.

Watch this below:

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I am not for sexual harassment. But why does it take 30 years before you decide it bothers you. Why are all these women waiting to come out and accuse these men 30 years after the fact? Sometimes it’s just not believable even if it happened. There needs to be proof, and that’s what I’ve always said.

If it affected them as much as they say, they should have said something when it happened. I am sick of hearing stories like this; there are so many it seems like all of Hollywood is just a Sodom and Gomorrah.

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