Three FL Voters File Lawsuit To Recount States Votes; Believe Hillary Won

We won. You lost. Deal with it. According to Barack Obama a few years ago.

I have been talking to average people who don’t follow politics closely and every one of them, without fail, sees all this recount nonsense as an attempt by the Democrats to subvert the election. Now, that’s not exactly correct but, perception is everything.

The long-term damage being done to the Democrats is amazing. Between this, the riots and the phony “we all need to come together” pre-election rhetoric, the brand damage is enormous.

From Law Newz:

Three voters in Florida filed a lawsuit in state court seeking a recount of the votes in November’s presidential election. The voters claim that Hillary Clinton really won Florida, but problems including hacking, faulty voting machines, and voters being turned away from the polls led to a Trump victory. They sued Governor Rick Scott, Donald Trump, State Attorney General Pamela Bondi, and 29 Republican presidential electors in the state.

The lawsuit, filed by law firm Clint Curtis & Associates, demands a hand recount of every paper ballot in the state. In a press release, the firm said that in addition to the voting problems mentioned above, the disparity between pre-election polling numbers and the vote totals “cast suspicion” on the results. The complaint also alleges that “tens of thousands of illegal votes were improperly counted,” and that there were tens of thousands of “legal votes cast throughout the state of Florida that were improperly rejected.” The lawsuit claims that had the votes in Florida been counted properly, Clinton would have won.

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“This is an election where pretty much everyone knew what the results were going to be – except they were completely the opposite,” Clint Curtis said. “If we can’t get a real count of the votes for this election, then we have lost our democracy. We will never be able to challenge a close election again.”

The election has been certified, never questioned in the days around it. Just another attempt to cheat by the democrats.

Recounts are proving to be a waste of time and money. There is no evidence of fraud or hacking, just a bunch of sore losers having little hissy fits that should be forced to fork over the $2 million per recount when they are proven, again, that they lost.

It won’t work but one thing that I do say about Democrats, they never give up, and Republicans need to develop the same spirit. Never give up, never surrender.

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