This Woman Claimed 15 Men Sexually Assaulted Her Over Three Year Period; She Lied!

Jemma Beale will be sentenced after claiming she was raped by 15 strangers over a three year period and sending a man to jail for her false claim.

This wholesome young lady (joking) got caught lying about being sexually assaulted by strangers. She was caught after testimony from witnesses and medical records showed nothing had happened. A man went to jail over her falsehood.

Can you imagine knowing someone who lied about being raped and putting 15 strangers future at jeopardy? I hope she goes away for a long time and hopefully there is no mercy that will befall her.

Source: Fox News

“Jemma Beale was a determined liar who repeatedly went to great lengths to fabricate evidence in an attempt to see innocent men convicted, including telling deliberate lies under oath,” London Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer Samuel Mainsaid. Beale was convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice.

From 2010 to 2013, Beale claimed that she was sexually assaulted by six men and raped by nine — all of them strangers – in four different encounters, prosecutors said.

But it was later discovered that the 25-year-old had a steady boyfriend with whom she had a sexual relationship, Main said.

“False allegations of sexual assault and rape are rare but, when made, they are serious as they undermine the credibility of genuine victims and the efforts of the CPS and police to see perpetrators brought to justice,” Main added.

Beale’s stories fell apart after medical records, testimonies from witnesses and CCTV footage showed she was lying.

In one false claim from 2012, Beale said she was attacked by four men in an alley with a piece of barb wire. But jurors were shown footage of her walking home alone and were told by prosecutors that the injuries were self-inflicted.

“After Beale made another allegation in November 2013, the police reviewed all of her previous claims, and discovered a clear and sustained pattern of willful falsification,” Main said in a statement.

Beale is expected to be sentenced on August 24.

I’ve heard of a story where a guy went up on a false rape charge. Don’t know the circumstances that led to the conviction, he was freed on DNA evidence.

Unfortunately, he was violently raped in prison and left HIV positive, and ultimately died of AIDS.

Accused rapists usually get raped in prison. I couldn’t imagine an innocent man enduring that, and being freed because some cunt wanted attention and lied. There would be no amount of “sorry” or money that could restore a person’s soul.

I think it’s time people start taking a look at the causation of those symptoms, i.e. The culture and various groups that breed that mentality and start holding them responsible for the destroyed lives of innocent men who are falsely accused of rape.

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