This Photo Will Be On TIME Magazine Soon; She Didn’t Want To Wait For Due Process?

This picture will become the main TIME photo of the year.

The opposition media will no doubt make this photo into some type of plea for Americans to feel sorry for the plight of those who rushed our borders instead of waiting in Mexico for due process from American ports.

These people do not want due process because they know deportation will be their life-changing result. They aren’t here in America to become outstanding citizens; they are here to take and take more.

The last “asylum” seeking image the corrupt leftwing media used was of the Syrian boy who washed up dead on the Turkish beach. It was learned later that the family had been living safely in Turkey. They had asylum, but the father wanted to go to Europe.

The leftwing media lied about that and they will lie about this.

These people are not asylum seekers, and they are economic migrants. We all sympathize, but they have no right to enter the US. If they needed asylum, they would have asked for it in Mexico.

Throughout this entire charade, the media has been carefully choreographing the event, carefully staging women and children to portray the caravan as something socially and morally acceptable. The truth is that most of the caravan is comprised of military-aged males, many of them criminals and terrorists. This entire affair brought you to by Soros and his Democrat colleagues.

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