This New “House of Cards” Trailer Leaves You Wanting More!

The Netflix original series House of Cards returns May 30 and The trailer blow made me pull out the old episodes to watch again.

This show is one of the first series that I viewed as a binge watcher. I watched one episode and I couldn’t stop. The very first binge show in took a dive into was the Walking Dead.

I never saw a TV show record all of its episodes and leave it up to the viewer to pace themselves on watching it. I thought that was so cool.

Claire and Frank Underwood have a lot of questions to answer after the ending of season four. Hopefully, the new writers Will continue the mastery of a great show.

This trailer for the start of Season 5 is awesome to me because of its ending. The video eerily starts off with kids chanting the Pledge of Allegiance. Then you notice the American flag upside down which most of us knows is a sign of distress or danger. Then the best ending you could imagine shows up and let me tell you; I smiled from ear to ear.

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Hey, I am a sucker for TV drama. Have you ever watched this Netflix series? Have you thought about watching it? I endorse this show wholeheartedly.

Let me know what you thought about this trailer in the comment section below.

Wayne Dupree

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