THIS IS A GRILLING! Watching Comey deny he wasn’t a leaker in this video is TRAGIC!”

Former FBI director James Comey look really bad when he was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Talk about being a disgrace, if any members of Congress get a hold of this video and they watch how Cooper grilled the former FBI director, then use his template when they call Comey up to the Hill to testify again, this man is going to jail.

Source: Mediaite

“Do you think there is any credence to the president’s claims that you broke the law when you released memos?” host Anderson Cooper asked.

Comey replied that he did not.

“I see no credible claim by any serious person that I violated the law,” he said.

Yet, Cooper pressed on, pointing out that one memo was, in fact, retroactively classified.

“Is it okay for somebody at the FBI to leak something an internal document even if it is not classified?” Cooper pushed.

“There is a whole lot wrong with your question,” Comey replied. “I didn’t leak memos, I asked a friend to communicate the substance one unclassified memo to the media and I was a private citizen.”

Cooper then turned Comey’s own words on “unauthorized disclosures” against him.

Here are some comments from Twitter users who got to watch the video:

So Comey leaked the stuff as a “private citizen?” Is it not relevant that he knew that information only because he was FBI director, thereby rendering the whole “private citizen” notion completely false?

I would add that perjury and lying under oath aren’t taken kindly by federal prosecutors. Comey should be able to compare hand sizes with some of his new roommates, do you agree?

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