This House Republican Filed Bill Giving Pathway To Legal Citizenship For “Dreamers”

On Friday, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo told Chris Cuomo on CNN his intent for a bill he filed Thursday to give a pathway to legal citizenship for “Dreamers.”

While Cuomo said it is not popular within his party, Curbelo disagreed.

“There’s a growing consensus here on the hill, and inside the Republican Party that we really need to take care of these young people who were brought to this country.”

He also mentioned gaining the support of ten lawmakers.

The Miami Herald explained the synopsis of the bill.

The “Recognizing America’s Children Act” would offer an eventual path to U.S. citizenship to immigrants who entered illegally before Jan. 1, 2012, and were 16 years old or younger.

The entire legislation can be looked at here.

It is a new version of a bill Curbelo failed to pass in the Senate in 2010.

He told Miami Herald the motive for it was President Trump’s executive order retaining Barack Obama’s DACA program.

“This White House has sent a very strong message by preserving the executive order that protects these young people. We know that they’ve been very aggressive when it comes to immigration policy, so it certainly stands out that they have left the DACA executive order untouched.”

Although children of illegal aliens came here through no fault of their own, we still have to enforce our legal immigration laws.

One issue I may have with DACA is it would not be fair to the kids of legal immigrants waiting in line to enter the country.

Whether or not you agree with Trump keeping the program, it is a debate not going away anytime soon.

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