This Democrat Congressman Isn’t Happy With His Party — Went a Little Bit Too Far’ on Kavanaugh

The Democrat party is not your Grandfather’s political party. They have no morals and want to see us become a Socialist country.

I agree with Rep. Tom O’Halleran. Democrats went too far in trying to take down then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

They got on national television and said he was guilty till proven innocent. They violated the oath they took when they entered into the office they hold. It wasn’t all that long ago they would have been summarily dragged out and hung by the neck until dead.

Democrats doubled down on idiocy and hysteria, and it is my hope and prayer that enough US citizens have seen enough to show the door and make the Democratic party do the walk of shame it deserves.

This Congressman claimed both sides were at fault but at least he was truthful about what he saw his party attempt.

Source: Free Beacon

Simmons asked O’Halleran what specifically bothered him.

“What especially bothered you? You said ‘both sides’ were at fault here. What especially bothered you from the Democrats?” Simmons asked.

The Democrats I thought went a little bit too far,” O’Halleran said. “We’re supposed to ask probing questions. I don’t like it — I never did like it — when people got up there and pontificated time and time again about their position. This is supposed to be about a discussion back and forth between you and the nominee.

Kavanaugh vehemently denied all accusations and no witnesses or other evidence corroborated the alleged assaults.

Senate Democrats called the allegations credible with several stating Kavanaugh doesn’t get the presumption of innocence. As the allegations remained uncorroborated and holes developed in accusations, Democrats and those opposed to his confirmation shifted focus to questions over Kavanaugh’s judicial temperament and history of drinking beer.

Democrats usually side with unconstitutional lawlessness. Republicans usually defend and support the Constitution and rule of law.

To be more honest, Democrats didn’t “cross the line,” they blew the entire line up! Trying to destroy a good man for political gain is not a little too far, it’s a lot too far.

The stinging problem with all of what happened is they won’t learn their lesson. They are built off emotion and less common sense if any. They don’t understand how to fight or how to win and they don’t have any leaders to walk them in the right direction.

Dem Strategist — We Used Allegations At The Last Possible Minute And Retraumatized People

It’s over for them in my opinion and you will see socialism be ushered in, which we can defeat but we need to start laying the ground seeds now before it’s too late.

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