This College’s White Enrollments Tank After Being Banned To Attend Classes

It seems that Evergreen State College in Washington State has some serious problems and they aren’t going away anytime soon.

Just last month, the no-white-people-allowed “Day of Absence” at Evergreen State College was resurrected after the controversial proposal made national headlines in 2017. It seems the institution wants to make up for things they were never part of and it’s killing enrollment.


Evergreen State College continues to try to weather a negative trend in its enrollment figures, where the college administration expects student enrollment to decrease by 20% this upcoming fall 2018 semester (when compared to fall 2017). As Accuracy in Academia previously noted, the college announced it will be slashing $5.9 million from its budget going into the 2018-2019 school year.

The college announced it will cut 24 faculty positions, 19 unfilled staff positions, and up to 20 more positions currently filled.

The student enrollment drop is due to widespread and volatile protests that took place in 2017, where the campus was taken over by protesters. For example, students banded together, patrolled the campus, and in one instance, prevented the college president from leaving his office to use the restroom (albeit temporary).

I can understand why students are not happy because of the school’s racist policies. How do you call yourself legitimate when you have a no white students day? Banning students because of skin color have to have some legal jeopardy as the black community fought against that in the 60s.

I am shocked at what transpired with the white professor who decided to hold classes anyway and having to move his family because of death threats. Oh, let’s not forget how some of the teachers had to ask permission to use the bathroom from the black students. What type of America is being unleashed with this kind of savagery?

Is there a quick fix to this? How should the college deal going forward? SHARE your concerns below in the comment section.

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