This Church is ruffling feathers with this White Privilege sign; what would you do?

I am almost to the point if you want negative reaction to claim you it’s your first amendment right do so at your own leisure but please note your actions will always have consequences and repercussions.

If you are standing on principles then you do it without claiming victimhood when you are attacked by those who don’t see it your way. In the case of this church, they are speaking to their congregation, but placing the sign in public view calls others to respond in angry ways.


From BayNews9:

A St. Petersburg church is ruffling some feathers with its sign out front.

“If you are white, use your privilege to fight for justice.” Those are the words on a sign outside of Good Samaritan and it isn’t sitting well with people who pass by it.

“I don’t think it sends the right message especially for a church to have that up and I would like an explanation,” said St. Pete resident Mike Lawry.

The pastor of Good Samaritan Church, Jennifer Daysa said the message is simple.

“We really feel that white privilege and having a lot more advantage in our community is just a fact of reality and history,” said Daysa. “We think we need to work on that so we can be a more reconciled people among all groups.”

Daysa said they’ve been studying race in her predominantly white church, and the entire church feels they need to do more.

“We very much put forward the message that everyone is equal and a beautiful child of God. But we also feel like those who are in positions of power and privilege have an obligation to lay down that power and work for a more just, equal society,” she said.

But not everyone sees it that way.

“Everybody has rights no matter if you’re black or white, or Hispanic or anything. Everybody has basic human rights and we should all be guaranteed and we are all guaranteed under the constitution. I don’t think there is a such thing as a white privilege,” said resident David Garman.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. Ms. Daysa feels white people have privileges that other people of color don’t have.  That’s her opinion.  I don’t believe it’s the opinion of her entire congregation. That’s my opinion.

Do you think this church should take down their sign? Does it set bad precedent to keep this sign up causing angry reactions from the public? Share your thoughts and opinions below in our comment section. Also ask your friends about this as you share it on your facebook/twitter timeline.

h/t – BayNews9

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