A Third Less Of Off-Duty Officers Work Dolphins Game On Sunday Due To National Anthem Protests

I just don’t see the NFL recovering from this. Who wants to cheer America haters?

It looks like the NFL is willing to lose a lot of money as they continue to show their disrespect for our National Anthem. They are so arrogant, and in some cases ignorant, that I doubt that they realize that each time they “take a knee during our National Anthem they are losing more and more viewers.

When security leaves, nothing is left and then where do you go?

Source: Washington Examiner

Florida police officers upset by NFL players kneeling during the national anthem responded by reducing the amount of security Sunday at a Miami Dolphins game.

The number of off-duty officers working the event was about a third less than usual, Dade County Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera told the Miami Herald.

Rather than 400 officers, just 270 were expected to help maintain order as the New York Jets played the home team.

As of Friday, only 175 officers had volunteered to work the game, requiring some officers to be forced into working. Those who worked will be paid overtime.

“This whole movement started against police officers,” Rivera told CBS News. “And now it’s morphed into disrespecting the flag and the country.”

I appreciate the law enforcement officers doing this, and I wouldn’t tell them to stop, but I want everyone to realize that every NFL stadium could be empty for the entire season, and the NFL owners would still turn a profit. The television networks pay exorbitant fees to broadcast NFL games. These fees are extracted years in advance, so the fact that the ratings are going in the tank doesn’t affect the NFL’s revenue. But if fans were to ask for their monies and start going after the NFL advertisers, then we might be in business.

Keep calling them out President Trump they need to be continuously reminded that they are disrespecting the national anthem and the flag and our country. We are out here see the same thing and share your sentiments exactly. Eventually, these owners are going to see their pocketbooks get lighter and the players are going to see their contracts get lighter as sponsors and fans dump this league.

Just look around yesterday and see all the empty seats in the majority of stadiums. People are tired of this disrespect and diss honoring our country, so to the NFL you better wise up before your pocketbooks dry up.

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