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Thief Gets Pepper Sprayed; Another Customer Delivers CHAIR JUSTICE!

I am not sure how it went down but it looked like a bumbling caper from the movies.

A store security cam caught a thief with a hammer threating a store employee. It looked as if the employee was backing up into the office to get away from the would-be criminal but managed to get off some pepper spray in the eyes of the crook.

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The employee went into another room, I am thinking it was an office or cooler to save himself and at the time it looked like the pepper spray did the trick. The thief looked discombobulated as he stumbled to the cash register. The employee looked like they silently opened the door, quickly walked toward the thief and tried to take the hammer but couldn’t get it away.

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Another customer showed up and saw what was going on and when he noticed the thief couldn’t see, they picked up a chair and delivered some Good Samaritan justice!


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