THEY ARE DESPERATE! This Liberal City Council Passed Impeachment Resolution Against Trump

On Tuesday, The Washington Times reported the City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts passed an impeachment resolution against President Trump.

In a 7 to 1 vote, the conservative news outlet explains who is responsible for pushing this process.

The resolution asks the House of Representatives to “look into the president’s various business interests, and their potential violation of the foreign emoluments clause of domestic emoluments clause of the Constitution,” Cambridge Patch reported.

A group called Free Speech for People — the “campaign to de-charterTrump Inc.,” according to its website — and another called RootsAction, a nonprofit that calls for website visitors to “be one of the first to sign” the “Impeach Trump Now” petition.

And in Cambridge, the matter was brought to the City Council’s desks by a community organization called Cambridge Area Stronger Together, CAST. which bills itself as an organization “to promote and defend human rights, civil rights, social justice and the environment by building a diverse and sustainable community of activism.”

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Is this resolution going to lead to anything? I doubt it with a Republican majority in Congress, but Trump should not take this too lightly.

As long as they keep that majority in 2018, an impeachment in his first term is very unlikely, if not impossible.

Calls for him to step down are not new. In January, Twitter users desperately wanted Trump to get impeached after firing acting AG Sally Yates, which was not unusual or illegal.

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Wayne Dupree

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